Service of IZh 2126
1. General information
2. Engine UEPA-331
3. VAZ-2106 engine
4. Cooling system
5. Power supply system
6. Carburetor
7. System of ignition of the engine UEPA-331
7.1. Description of a design
7.2. Replacement of spark plugs
7.3. Removal of a cover and rotor of the distributor of ignition
7.4. Ignition distributor lubricant
7.5. Adjustment of the moment of ignition
7.6. Check and adjustment of a gap between contacts of the breaker
7.7. Removal of the distributor of ignition
7.8. Dismantling of the distributor of ignition
7.9. Removal of the condenser
7.10. Removal of the vacuum regulator of an advancing of ignition
7.11. Removal of a motionless plate of contact group of the breaker
7.12. Removal of the roller of the distributor
7.13. Removal of the coil of ignition
7.14. Councils of skilled
8. System of ignition of the VAZ-2106 engine
9. System of production of the fulfilled gases
10. Coupling
11. IZh-2126 transmission
12. VAZ-21074 transmission
13. Cardan transfer
14. Zadny Bridge
15. Forward suspension bracket
16. Back suspension bracket
17. Steering
18. Brake system
19. Electric equipment
20. Body
21. System of ventilation and heating
22. Features of a design of the IZh-2717 car
23. Appendix
24. Care of a car body



7. System of ignition of the engine UEPA-331

Distributor of ignition 47.3706: 1 - drive coupling; 2 - uplotnitepny ring; 3 - the distributor roller with a plate; 4 - spring cap of a butterdish; 5 - butterdish; 6 - condenser; 7 - cam; 8 - plug of low voltage; 9 - distributor cover; 10 - tokoraznosny plate of a rotor; 11 - spring of a contact piece of coal; 12 - contact piece of coal; 13 - rotor; 14 - cam epiploon; 15 - spring of fastening of a cover of the distributor; 16 - a mobile plate with the bearing; 17 - small weight of the centrifugal regulator of an advancing of ignition; 18 - distributor case; 19 - distributor roller bearing; 20 - фильц cam; 21 - motionless plate of the breaker; 22 - draft of the vacuum regulator of an advancing of ignition; 23 - vacuum regulator; 24 - mobile plate of the breaker; 25 - screw of fastening of contacts; 26 - breaker assembled; 27 - springs of small weights of the centrifugal regulator of an advancing of ignition; 28 - pin of fastening of the coupling of the drive of the distributor; 29 - spring ring; 30 - laying of the drive of the distributor; 31 - distributor drive assembled.

Description of a design

In the engine UEPA-331 the battery system of ignition with a rated voltage in primary chain 12 V. Sistem is applied consists of the coil, the distributor with the mechanical breaker, wires of high and low voltage and spark plugs. The system of ignition provides ignition of working mix in combustion chambers of cylinders according to sequence of operation of cylinders.

Power supply to system of ignition moves from the ignition switch.

B-117A ignition coil - on-vyshayushy the transformer, will transform pulse current of low voltage to a high-tension current. Windings of the coil are installed in the case from thin galvanized steel closed by a cover from insulating material. For cooling of windings in the case of the coil transformer oil is filled in. In a cover two low-voltage conclusions and a nest for a wire of high voltage are executed.

The distributor of ignition of model 47.3706 is intended for interruption of current in a chain of low voltage and distribution of impulses of a high-tension current on spark plugs, In this knot automatic machines of regulation of the moment of ignition depending on the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft and load of the engine are also structurally integrated.

The case of the distributor is cast from aluminum alloy. In the case the roller, two-piece rotates. On the top part of the roller the tetrahedral cam is executed and the rotor (runner) is established. The lower part of the roller given to rotation from a bent shaft of the engine connects with top via the centrifugal regulator of an advancing of ignition. At rotation of the lower roller of the distributor regulator small weights under the influence of centrifugal forces disperse, and the cam turns on a certain corner, disconnecting contacts of the breaker with some advancing which the is more, than the distributor roller rotates quicker.

The breaker consists of a rack with motionless contact, a rychazhka with mobile contact and textolite (or plastic) an emphasis which under the influence of a lamellar spring nestles on a tetrahedral cam of the top part of the roller of the distributor.

The plate on which the breaker is mounted is established on the ball-bearing allowing it to turn concerning a cam. The plate is connected by draft to a diaphragm of the vacuum regulator. Under the influence of the depression transmitted through a tube from the carburetor union on a diaphragm of the vacuum regulator, draft turns the breaker mechanism together with a mobile plate concerning a cam, providing thereby the optimum moment of ignition during the operation of the engine in various modes.

For an exception of a strong podgoraniye of contacts of the breaker parallel to them the condenser is connected. It is established outside on the distributor case.

From above the case of the distributor is closed by a plastic cover with nests for wires of high voltage. From the inside of a cover of the distributor conclusions of contacts of wires of high voltage are located, and in a conclusion of the central wire the sprung piece of coal which rests against a tokoraznosny plate of a rotor is built in. The rotor serves for distribution of a high-tension current from the ignition coil to candles according to an operating procedure of cylinders of the engine (1-3-4-2). The roller of the distributor rotates counterclockwise (at the top view).

The A20D1 spark plugs (or their analogs) - a non-demountable design, are screwed в#тверстия in a head of the block of cylinders on the right side.

Scheme of system of ignition of the engine: 1 - rechargeable battery; 2 - generator; 3 - assembly block; 4 - ignition switch; 5 - spark plugs; 6 - ignition distributor; 7 - breaker; 8 - ignition coil; 9 - contact bolt of a starter.

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