Service of IZh 2126
1. General information
2. Engine UEPA-331
3. VAZ-2106 engine
4. Cooling system
5. Power supply system
6. Carburetor
7. System of ignition of the engine UEPA-331
8. System of ignition of the VAZ-2106 engine
9. System of production of the fulfilled gases
10. Coupling
11. IZh-2126 transmission
12. VAZ-21074 transmission
13. Cardan transfer
14. Zadny Bridge
15. Forward suspension bracket
16. Back suspension bracket
17. Steering
18. Brake system
19. Electric equipment
19.1. General information
19.2. Replacement of safety locks and relay
19.3. Removal of the assembly block
19.4. Zazhikaniye switch
19.5. Removal of the switch of ignition
19.6. Rechargeable battery
19.7. Cooling system fan electric motor
19.8. Generator
19.9. Starter
19:10. Headlights
19.10.1. Removal and dismantling of a block headlight, replacement of lamps
19.10.2. Electromechanical proofreader of headlights
19.10.3. Adjustment of headlights
19.10.4. Removal of the side repeater of the index of turns
19.10.5. Replacement of the switch of lamps of a backing
19.10.6. Removal of a back lamp, replacement of lamps
19.10.7. Removal of a plafond of illumination of registration plate, replacement of a lamp
19.10.8. Removal of a plafond of illumination of a luggage carrier
19.10.9. Removal of a plafond of illumination of salon, replacement of a lamp
19.10.10. Cooling system fan electric motor
19:11. Understeering switch
19:12. Sound signal
19:13. Cleaner and washer of a windshield
19:14. Back door glass heating system
19:15. Control devices
19:16. Control system of the economizer of compulsory idling (ECI)
20. Body
21. System of ventilation and heating
22. Features of a design of the IZh-2717 car
23. Appendix
24. Care of a car body



19.10.3. Adjustment of headlights

In night-time park the car on the flat horizontal platform at distance of 5 m from the screen Ч a light wall of the building, a garage, etc. It is possible to use the sheet of plywood or a hardboard of 1x2 m in size. Fill the car, put the tool and the spare wheel on regular places, check pressure in tires of all wheels. Seat on a driver's seat of the assistant or put freight weighing 75 kg and slightly rock the car sideways for installation of suspension brackets.

Measure distance from the centers of headlights to a floor, at this height draw a line on the screen (in the drawing Ч the line 1), and is 65 mm lower than it Ч the second (line 2). Draw on the screen the vertical axial line O (distances from it to the centers of the left and right headlight have to be equal) and the lines A and B corresponding to the centers of headlights.

Install the handle of the electroproofreader of headlights in the provision of the minimum loading. Close one of headlights (a piece of a cardboard, plywood, etc.). Turn on passing beam of headlights. Screws with the plastic heads located on a back wall of a block headlight adjust the direction of light bunches of an open headlight. The upper bound of a spot (horizontal) has to coincide with the lower line, and the place of a break of a bunch (a point E crossings of horizontal and inclined sites) Ч with the vertical line of the center of a headlight. After that open and adjust the second headlight, having closed the first.

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19.10.2. Electromechanical proofreader of headlights
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19.10.4. Removal of the side repeater of the index of turns