Service of IZh 2126
1. General information
2. Engine UEPA-331
3. VAZ-2106 engine
4. Cooling system
5. Power supply system
6. Carburetor
7. System of ignition of the engine UEPA-331
8. System of ignition of the VAZ-2106 engine
9. System of production of the fulfilled gases
10. Coupling
11. IZh-2126 transmission
12. VAZ-21074 transmission
13. Cardan transfer
14. Zadny Bridge
15. Forward suspension bracket
16. Back suspension bracket
17. Steering
18. Brake system
19. Electric equipment
19.1. General information
19.2. Replacement of safety locks and relay
19.3. Removal of the assembly block
19.4. Zazhikaniye switch
19.5. Removal of the switch of ignition
19.6. Rechargeable battery
19.7. Cooling system fan electric motor
19.8. Generator
19.8.1. Description of a design
19.8.2. Check of the generator
19.8.3. Removal of brush knot and regulator of tension of the generator 58.3701
19.8.4. Removal and dismantling of the generator 58.3701
19.8.5. Removal of the regulator of tension and brush knot of the generator 37.3701
19.8.6. Removal and dismantling of the generator 37.3701
19.9. Starter
19:10. Headlights
19:11. Understeering switch
19:12. Sound signal
19:13. Cleaner and washer of a windshield
19:14. Back door glass heating system
19:15. Control devices
19:16. Control system of the economizer of compulsory idling (ECI)
20. Body
21. System of ventilation and heating
22. Features of a design of the IZh-2717 car
23. Appendix
24. Care of a car body



19.8.6. Removal and dismantling of the generator 37.3701

We disconnect a wire of "weight" from the rechargeable battery.

We disconnect a wire tip from tension regulator conclusion (a conclusion "61").

We shift a protective rubber cover from a conclusion "30" generators...

... a key "on 10" we turn off a nut of fastening of wires to a conclusion "30"...

... also we remove tips of wires from a conclusion "30".

Cap key "on 17" we turn off...

... a nut of fastening of the generator to an adjusting level...

... and a nut of fastening of a level to a hairpin of a cover of the pump of cooling liquid (see. "Removal of a cover assembled the pump of cooling liquid on the car with the VAZ-2106 engine").

We remove an adjusting level.

Cap key "on 19" we turn off a nut of a bolt of the lower fastening of the generator.

Holding the generator, we take a bolt...

... also we take out the generator from a motor compartment.

In an eye of a back cover of the generator plugs are installed two metal and one rubber (buffer).

We disconnect a wire from tension regulator.

By the crosswise screw-driver it is turned off two screws of fastening of the regulator of tension and brush knot.

We remove tension regulator with brush knot.

Key "on 19" we turn off a generator pulley nut. The rotor from a provorachivaniye can be stopped the screw-driver (do not bend a krylchatka). We remove a washer from a shaft...

... pulley halves...

... expansion washer...

... and krylchatka.

We hook the screw-driver and we remove a segment spline...

... behind which the washer without shponochny groove is located.

Key "on 10" we turn off a nut of fastening of a tip of a wire of the condenser.

We remove a condenser wire tip.

Having unscrewed the crosswise screw-driver the screw of fastening of the condenser, we remove the condenser. With sharply ground chertilka or paint it is marked a relative positioning of covers and the stator for the subsequent assembly.

Head "on 10" we turn off four nuts of coupling bolts.

We take out bolts.

We remove a forward cover.

For replacement of the bearing with a key "on 8" from the outer side of a cover we turn off four nuts of screws of fastening of plates.

We remove plates with screws.

Tool head of the suitable size (or a pipe piece) we press off the bearing from a cover.

On a shaft of a rotor the persistent ring is located.

Navorachivayem on a shaft carving a nut, we clamp it in a vice and by breakthrough it is removed a back cover with the stator.

At difficulty in removal of a rotor we tap on its end face with a drift from soft metal through tension regulator window.

We separate a rotor and the stator.

Stripper we press the bearing from a rotor shaft.

Head "on 8" we turn off three nuts of fastening of conclusions of windings of the stator to the vypryamitelny block.

Having hooked the screw-driver...

... we remove the stator.

We remove the vypryamitelny block.

We take out a contact bolt from the vypryamitelny block.

We collect and install the generator on the car in the return sequence.

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19.9. Starter